“Janet made every effort to understand our needs, her research was thorough and her analysis spot on. With the list of potential funders, and the template applications she has developed, we have been able to start work immediately on applying to Trusts. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced consultant and we would definitely use her services again.”

Kate Webb, Business Development Manager 

999 Club

“The service we received from Janet at Nahira Consultancy was excellent. She was very flexible, personable and easy to work with. Her broader knowledge and experience of fundraising was very helpful, as she could advise on best practice and what has worked well for other charities. This helps contextualise how you can best configure Donorfy to meet your needs. Janet was also very flexible in delivering the onsite training, allowing us to meet the needs of different members of staff and levels of involvement.”

Andrew Mitchell, Fundraising Manager / Elisa Smith, Fundraising Officer 

Crescent House

“I am delighted to tell you that, thanks to the list of potential Trust funders you gave me, £28,000 has now been donated towards the Lift installation at Crescent House. We now have enough funding to proceed with the project. Without your help, this very much needed piece of equipment would still be just a dream. We are so grateful that you have helped us to make it a reality!”

Jon Morgan, Trustee

Goodwill Children’s Homes

“The online training on Donorfy was more personal and focused, and not having to travel outside Bristol to attend training sessions was already a huge benefit in that it saved us time and money.

Janet was very helpful and patient as we went through everything. She is approachable and friendly at all times, which helped me to relax and ask questions. Prior to sessions, we agreed on the topics to cover, however she was also flexible and accommodated my needs. She was very good at answering my questions, overall I was very happy with the level of training received.”

Theresa van der Merwe, Administrator & Sponsorship Officer

Clock Tower Sanctuary

“It’s been a pleasure working with Janet! She was quick to get to grips with our charity – both the cause and our fundraising practices – and has been a great help in a number of areas. It can sometimes be difficult for smaller charities to do the larger pieces of development work, so having someone who is effective and knows the charity world so well has been invaluable. The legacy fundraising strategy Janet produced is excellent, and gives us a clear direction moving forward. Her fundraising and systems expertise has also proved a big help in navigating the complex world of fundraising databases.”

Natalia Borg, Development Manager

Sound Seekers

“We found the Donorfy training really useful, especially for a small organisation like ours it was great to have someone come in who could go through everything, rather than us having to figure it out, as there just isn’t enough time to sit down and learn the system ourselves. It was also good that you could offer such a tailored approach, explaining how the database can best be used for our specific situation, rather than just a generic format, which has enabled us to apply the training much more easily.”

Tanya D’souza, Fundraising Manager 

The Bridge Community Education Centre

“The funding review has really helped to clarify and highlight both potential opportunities and barriers to growth for the charity. Considering the detailed process we went through it was amazing how much ground we covered. To a large degree this was a reflection of the way in which Janet works, methodically and investing a great deal of time in preparing and gaining a full understanding of the organisation she is working within.”

Sofie Franzen, Director of Community Services

Worthing Churches Homeless Projects

“Janet provided training for me and my team on major donor fundraising. This is a new area for us so we were keen to find out more. She explained the processes involved very clearly and gave us some wonderful ideas on how we could make a success of a future major donors campaign.”

Sue Stevens, PR and Fundraising Manager

Money Advice Plus

“It was great to have some organised thinking time and help with making decisions which have drawn the line under some of the fundraising ideas we’ve been revisiting in the last couple of years.

Having someone who could quickly understand the organisation and our funding needs, and put together a draft strategy for us has taken away a lot of pressure. We got a workable document in a very short space of time.”   

Jackie Grigg, Chief Executive


“Thank you once again for your presentation on fundraising strategy to the Board yesterday. It was perfectly pitched and helped encourage lively debate in the room for the rest of the afternoon.”

Ryan Heal, Chief Executive