Donorfy Health Check Review

When your Donorfy system is working well it will help you

  • Gain a complete and joined-up view of your constituents
  • Recruit and retain more supporters
  • Streamline your fundraising and communication processes
  • Get a clear view of your fundraising performance

However, most charities are busy doing the fundraising, and may have few extra resources to manage their fundraising CRM system. It’s easy to let things slip, and hard to find extra time to invest in maximising the many benefits of your system. You may also be unaware of existing or new functionality that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your fundraising.

A Donorfy Health Check can help!

A thorough review of your system will find any ‘hot spots’, where it looks like things are not working or set up correctly, and identify opportunities where you can gain extra benefits.

This includes:

  • An initial on-line session to discuss current use of Donorfy use, the charity’s fundraising and CRM aims, and any identified issues
  • A structured analysis of all areas of your system set-up and use
  • A written report with findings and recommendations.
  • A further on-line session to go through the report and create an action plan

All for a one-off fee starting from £800 (no VAT) depending on the size and complexity of your database

“The service we received from Janet at Nahira Consultancy was excellent. She was very flexible, personable, and easy to work with. Her broader knowledge and experience of fundraising was very helpful, as she could advise on best practice and what has worked well for other charities.”

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