About Me

I have over twenty years experience of developing and fundraising for charities in the South East. These include Sussex Community Foundation where I played a key role in the early development of the charity, focusing on major gifts from individuals, companies and charitable trusts. My contacts with an extensive network of private client professional advisors led to the first £1 million donation to the charity, and I made a significant contribution to the success of the charity overall in raising a total of £17 million.

During this time I also developed a model of highly creative events for existing and prospective donors, and succeeded in gaining sponsorship from a number of local professional firms.

Other experience includes charities working with young people and homelessness, for example Hove YMCA (now YMCA Downslink Group), where I grew the income of the charity substantially through successful bids to local and national trusts, lottery and statutory organisations. I worked with senior managers to develop and fund innovative projects – including young people with mental health issues and asylum seekers.

Prior to working in the charity sector, I was a business analyst and project manager with international manufacturing company, Nestlé UK.

I have a strong commitment to enabling people on the edge of society. I bring both passion and determination to fundraising, combined with an ability to clearly identify the task and focus on getting tangible results.

Outside of work, my interests include music and singing; I am a semi-professional classical singer and have performed in recitals across Sussex, as well as belonging to several local choirs. I am on the management committee of the Esterházy Chamber Choir based in Lewes, with responsibility for managing marketing and publicity.

Janet Ormerod

Photo by Katie Vandyck