Making the most of your Fundraising CRM

A good fundraising database should help you attract and cultivate relationships with funders, members, volunteers, and other relevant contacts. By keeping comprehensive records of your supporter’s involvement, you look after your most valuable assets, and ensure you generate maximum income. The important thing to focus on is not just the technology, but how to apply it most effectively. With in-depth knowledge of different CRM systems, and previous experience as both a business analyst and fundraiser, I can help you find simple and effective solutions to organise and get the most out of your supporter data and fundraising processes.

Donorfy Consultancy Support

As one of a small number of accredited Donorfy Partners, I offer a range of consultancy support on this popular and successful software. Launched in 2015, it has since achieved number one CRM product and supplier four times in the Fundraising Magazine Charity CRM Survey. Since becoming a Donorfy Partner in 2016, I have worked with over 70 charities across the UK, enabling them to get Donorfy working successfully for their organisation. Whether you are already using Donorfy, or want to set it up for your organisation, I can help with:

We moved from a very old, complicated database system to Donorfy, and couldn’t have done it without Janet and Paul! They took the time to get to know our organisation and worked with us to configure Donorfy to suit our needs – it was very much a collaboration. They were patient, approachable, flexible, and honest throughout the process. The online sessions Janet hosted were invaluable, and the whole team benefitted from her training.

Catharine Turton

Supporter Care Co-ordinator, Latin Link

Janet takes a detailed approach and is thoughtful as to how Donorfy needs to work for the organisation’s needs. She is good at communicating clearly what can be complex information and at sticking to the budget and timescale. Overall, I found the relationship with Janet excellent and really enjoyed working with her. I feel we have a good foundation now for moving forward, although the hard work is probably still to come in terms of ensuring we use Donorfy well and work together on it as an organisation.

Simon Gale

Chief Executive, Justlife

Janet has made a significant difference to our Donorfy on-boarding process, tailoring the system to our needs to support our complex fundraising model. From naming conventions to managing opportunities and reporting, it is all very clear and usable. Thank you!

Bryony Hope

Fundraising Manager, Hampshire Cultural Trust

The training day with Janet was excellent. Everyone came away from the session with a good, practical understanding of the database and how to use it. The regular pauses to practice and consolidate were very useful, and it was really helpful that the training was bespoke to our circumstances, rather than a one size fits all. We also appreciated you going away and researching questions you couldn’t immediately answer.

Helen Saelensminde

Group Head of Fundraising, West Dean College

The service we received from Janet at Nahira Consultancy was excellent. She was very flexible, personable and easy to work with. Her broader knowledge and experience of fundraising was very helpful, as she could advise on best practice and what has worked well for other charities. This helps contextualise how you can best configure Donorfy to meet your needs. Janet was also very flexible in delivering the onsite training, allowing us to meet the needs of different members of staff and levels of involvement.

Andrew Mitchell

Fundraising Manager, 999 Club

We found the Donorfy training really useful, especially for a small organisation like ours it was great to have someone come in who could go through everything, rather than us having to figure it out, as there just isn’t enough time to sit down and learn the system ourselves. It was also good that you could offer such a tailored approach, explaining how the database can best be used for our specific situation, rather than just a generic format, which enabled us to apply the training much more easily.

Tanya D'souza

Fundraising Manager, Sound Seekers