Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre

“My experience working with Janet in switching to Donorfy using the Onboarding package was very positive. She tailored her support to our needs and has set us up well for future success by putting those crucial building blocks in place. It seemed a daunting task at first, but no question was too tricky or too trivial, and Janet was a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

Janet has also subsequently been a huge source of help getting our Mailchimp-Donorfy integration configured. Her knowledge of how the two systems work together has been invaluable, and her support in preparing our Mailchimp account ahead of the integration was also second to none. She also delivered a fab training session on the integration for our team. Thanks Janet! “

Natasha Sweet – Head of Fundraising

Abortion Support Network

“I have worked closely with Janet over a few years and can honestly say that the work she did for Abortion Support Network was transformative. Janet helped us optimise our Donorfy implementation, streamlining processes for our small team, finding thousands of pounds of more Gift Aid for us to claim, integrating Donorfy with Mailchimp, and all-round just making my life easier. Janet is warm and professional, clear and competent, and understood our database better than anyone. She also built my personal confidence and capability with Donorfy and our data, which was incredibly valuable. I would highly recommend working with her.”

Ruth Taylor – Chief Executive

Latin Link

“We moved from a very old, complicated database system to Donorfy, and couldn’t have done it without Janet and Paul! They took the time to get to know our organisation and worked with us to configure Donorfy to suit our needs – it was very much a collaboration. They were patient, approachable, flexible, and honest throughout the process. The online sessions Janet hosted were invaluable, and the whole team benefitted from her training.”

Catharine Turton, Supporter Care Co-ordinator


“Janet takes a detailed approach and is thoughtful as to how Donorfy needs to work for the organisation’s needs. She is good at communicating clearly what can be complex information and at sticking to the budget and timescale. Overall, I found the relationship with Janet excellent and really enjoyed working with her. I feel we have a good foundation now for moving forward, although the hard work is probably still to come in terms of ensuring we use Donorfy well and work together on it as an organisation.”

Simon Gale, Chief Executive

Red Squirrel Survival Trust 

“Faced with the challenge of migrating a difficult database into Donorfy we made the decision to work with Janet Ormerod as our consultant. Quite simply we could not have managed the process without her. We worked together as a team and Janet’s professional and practical approach was constructive and helpful. We also took the decision to undertake training all of which we now use day to day. Thanks to Janet we now have an excellent, easy to use database which has made a significant difference to our fundraising efforts.”

Judith Edwards, Office Manager

Arts 4 Dementia

“We are a small charity and were an early Donorfy customer in 2015. We had a far from ideal implementation and since then have had several different people looking after it, following documented procedures which we worked out as we went along, but each somewhat in their own way.

Five years on, I asked Janet to help us get Donorfy working for us, rather than the other way around, including help with cleaning up the database and sorting out the Mailchimp and Eventbrite integrations. Others might have given up at the mess they found, however Janet has an extensive understanding of Donorfy and an excellent strategic approach.  She has done a terrific job, going above and beyond the brief.  She has implemented improvements herself, given us an extensive list of recommendations and actions, and even corrected our procedures document which provides instructions for our administrators.”

Nigel Franklin, Chief Executive

Leeds Mind

“Having Janet’s support while embedding our new Donorfy system has been incredibly helpful. Janet’s approach is that of someone experienced in the fundraising world, so it’s helped us to set up a system with the donor at the heart of it. Janet’s approach is flexible and she has been more than accommodating of our changing needs as the database has developed. I would recommend Janet’s services, a really human approach to support us in rolling out quite a technical solution.”

Kate Goldring, Business Development Director

Cothill Trust 

“I want to thank you so much for the really excellent job that you did for Cothill Trust in leading our CRM database selection project. I’m certain that you must have done more than the days that we contracted you for and I think it was all worth every penny. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your professionalism, the quality of your work and the way that you kept us all on track so that it could be completed before I left. I feel confident that as a result Cothill has been offered an appropriate solution given what was available. Thank you very much for your support.”

Emma Davidson, Development Director

Hampshire Cultural Trust

“Janet has made a significant different to our Donorfy on-boarding process, tailoring the system to our needs to support our complex fundraising model. From naming conventions to managing opportunities and reporting, it is all very clear and usable. Thank you!”

Bryony Hope, Fundraising Manager

Abortion Support Network

“ASN is a small charity run largely by volunteers. When I joined the team early in 2018, I was introduced to Donorfy, and quickly discovered that our adoption of it hadn’t gone quite as smoothly as expected!

We contracted Janet initially to deliver basic Donorfy training to myself and our volunteers who communicate with donors. It was so useful, clear and informative that I then asked Janet to undertake some more complex work involving migration of data and updating RPIs.

The end result is that we have a database that’s fit for purpose, includes all our donors (at last!), is easy to use and much more powerful than spreadsheets. Janet is professional, efficient, warm, responsive and helpful and I would really recommend working with her. I’m sure we will be working with her again in future!”

Ruth Taylor – Chief Executive

West Sussex Music

“The Fundraising Review facilitated by Nahira Consultancy has given us a road map for going forward with our desire to launch the charitable arm of West Sussex Music Trust. It was important for us to have an independent review, so that the team and Trustees could feel confident in taking this new direction. I was very happy with the way Janet approached the work – from the preliminary phone calls to the background research, through to the workshop with me and my colleagues and the final report – everything was relevant. Money well spent for good advice.”

Ali Unsted – Business Manager

Action in Rural Sussex

“In a relatively short time, Janet was able to gather a lot of information about the service under review and research other providers. She also brought an extensive knowledge of fundraising in general. Her approach was collaborative, and she involved members of staff through meetings and a workshop. Overall it was a thorough and effective review process, and her subsequent report contained clear and well supported recommendations that have enabled the Board to decide on the way forward for this aspect of our work. Although these were tough decisions, we were happy that they were based on good and well researched evidence.”

Jeremy Leggett – Chief Executive

Church of the Good Shepherd, Brighton

“Janet facilitated a workshop with members of our PCC to review our fundraising, with the aim of seeing where we could improve and to identify alternative ways of raising income. She helped us get a better understanding of what makes fundraising work, and then gave us a clear, well-structured process for evaluating both our current approaches, and other options. It was overall an enjoyable and informative session that is now feeding into our ongoing financial plans.”

Michael Miller – Reader 


“Janet made every effort to understand our needs, her research was thorough and her analysis spot on. With the list of potential funders, and the template applications she has developed, we have been able to start work immediately on applying to Trusts. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced consultant and we would definitely use her services again.”

Kate Webb, Business Development Manager 

999 Club

“The service we received from Janet at Nahira Consultancy was excellent. She was very flexible, personable and easy to work with. Her broader knowledge and experience of fundraising was very helpful, as she could advise on best practice and what has worked well for other charities. This helps contextualise how you can best configure Donorfy to meet your needs. Janet was also very flexible in delivering the onsite training, allowing us to meet the needs of different members of staff and levels of involvement.”

Andrew Mitchell, Fundraising Manager / Elisa Smith, Fundraising Officer 

Crescent House

“I am delighted to tell you that, thanks to the list of potential Trust funders you gave me, £28,000 has now been donated towards the Lift installation at Crescent House. We now have enough funding to proceed with the project. Without your help, this very much needed piece of equipment would still be just a dream. We are so grateful that you have helped us to make it a reality!”

Jon Morgan, Trustee

Goodwill Children’s Homes

“The online training on Donorfy was more personal and focused, and not having to travel outside Bristol to attend training sessions was already a huge benefit in that it saved us time and money.

Janet was very helpful and patient as we went through everything. She is approachable and friendly at all times, which helped me to relax and ask questions. Prior to sessions, we agreed on the topics to cover, however she was also flexible and accommodated my needs. She was very good at answering my questions, overall I was very happy with the level of training received.”

Theresa van der Merwe, Administrator & Sponsorship Officer

Clock Tower Sanctuary

“It’s been a pleasure working with Janet! She was quick to get to grips with our charity – both the cause and our fundraising practices – and has been a great help in a number of areas. It can sometimes be difficult for smaller charities to do the larger pieces of development work, so having someone who is effective and knows the charity world so well has been invaluable. The legacy fundraising strategy Janet produced is excellent, and gives us a clear direction moving forward. Her fundraising and systems expertise has also proved a big help in navigating the complex world of fundraising databases.”

Natalia Borg, Development Manager

Sound Seekers

“We found the Donorfy training really useful, especially for a small organisation like ours it was great to have someone come in who could go through everything, rather than us having to figure it out, as there just isn’t enough time to sit down and learn the system ourselves. It was also good that you could offer such a tailored approach, explaining how the database can best be used for our specific situation, rather than just a generic format, which has enabled us to apply the training much more easily.”

Tanya D’souza, Fundraising Manager 

Turning Tides Homeless Project, Worthing 

“Janet provided training for me and my team on major donor fundraising. This is a new area for us so we were keen to find out more. She explained the processes involved very clearly and gave us some wonderful ideas on how we could make a success of a future major donors campaign.”

Sue Stevens, PR and Fundraising Manager

Money Advice Plus

“It was great to have some organised thinking time and help with making decisions which have drawn the line under some of the fundraising ideas we’ve been revisiting in the last couple of years.

Having someone who could quickly understand the organisation and our funding needs, and put together a draft strategy for us has taken away a lot of pressure. We got a workable document in a very short space of time.”   

Jackie Grigg, Chief Executive


“Thank you once again for your presentation on fundraising strategy to the Board yesterday. It was perfectly pitched and helped encourage lively debate in the room for the rest of the afternoon.”

Ryan Heal, Chief Executive