Comprehensive support on all aspects of implementing Donorfy, including system configuration, data migration, setting up integrations, training, and developing processes for fundraising and income management.

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A flexible range of options is available, from simple call-off packages with ad-hoc consultancy via on-line sessions and emails, to larger and more complex structured implementations.

The support is cost-effective as you only pay for what you use and it is tailored to your circumstances, rather than a pre-defined fixed price solution. As an independent Consultant my rates are competitive compared with larger organisations and you don’t have to pay VAT.

Range of Options – details

For small organisations and projects, I can provide a ballpark estimate after a no-obligation on-line meeting. This means you can budget for some call-off consultancy, which usually ranges from 12 hours to a maximum of around 20 hours support, prices start from £960 (no VAT).

Where a project is larger or more complex, I usually recommend an initial scoping exercise. This is a fixed price piece of consultancy, ranging from £500 to £750, depending on the nature of the implementation.

We work through a series of questions about the charity’s current data and fundraising processes, migration and any other requirements. I then provide a detailed implementation plan including estimated costs.

This means you have greater clarity up-front on the steps and tasks involved and a recommended budget broken down into stages for the consultancy support needed.

For major migration projects with high volume, complex data and processes and significant project management requirements, I work in partnership with another Donorfy Consultant, Paul Jackson

“Having Janet’s support while embedding our new Donorfy system has been incredibly helpful. Janet’s approach is that of someone experienced in the fundraising world, so it has helped us set up a system with the donor at the heart of it.”

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