Donorfy has been rated best charity CRM software and supplier four times since 2016 in the Charity Finance and Fundraising Magazine Survey.

As a Partner Consultant, helping many charities implement Donorfy over the past four years, I’ve had a unique opportunity to get familiar with the product and understand why it’s so popular. Here is my take on why Donorfy is worth a closer look, and why it’s so good for smaller charities.

  1. Ease of use

Firstly, Donorfy is intuitive and easy to use. The layout and content make sense and help you quickly feel confident to dive in and start exploring the system. There is often a palpable relief amongst clients and an eagerness to get on with adding their information!

Other fundraising databases may have more ‘bells and whistles’, but can also be complicated to use, with a risk that they fall into disuse, and ultimately don’t provide the benefits promised.

  1. Sophisticated features for larger charities

Secondly, although Donorfy is easy to use it’s also got some sophisticated functions. One of the outstanding features is the way Gift Aid is managed. Through a clever set of ‘switches’ operating in the background, Donorfy can detect automatically which donations qualify for Gift Aid and add them seamlessly to a monthly claim.

After an opportunity to check over the entries and correct any errors such as missing address lines, the claim is sent online to HMRC. Anyone who has dealt with the laborious process of assembling Gift Aid Claims knows how valuable this is in saving time and effort!

There are several other similar features that could have made my top three, such as the automation of regular payments, the Campaign analytics function, integration with online giving platforms and comprehensive options for GDPR compliance. 

  1. Advantages for smaller charities

Finally, I must mention some of the advantages for smaller charities with limited funds and staff covering all the bases, many of which are putting in place a CRM fundraising database for the first time.

The company has kept itself competitive through a lean staffing structure and a network of independent Partners to help with implementation and training. The pricing structure works well for small organisations with a free ‘Essentials’ version for up to 500 contacts, and a ‘Professional’ version charged as a monthly subscription based on numbers of contacts, which allows for a gradual upscaling as a charity grows.

With regular new releases immediately available via the cloud, Donorfy is also continually developing and improving the offering. Support is available on-line and a comprehensive set of articles and training videos.

In summary, I think Donorfy is a forward looking, easy to use, function-rich and affordable product – go check it out and see what you think!

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